Dr Iain Duncan

Nuclear Medicine = New Clear Medicine

When I started in nuclear medicine it was often cynically stated by other physicians that nuclear medicine was “unclear” medicine. Unfortunately like so many jokes this one had more truth than I was comfortable with.  Nuclear medicine was great at finding the problem but not telling you what it was.  We could find “hot spots” […]

SPECT-CT in nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine Update: Dr Iain talks about the value of SPECT-CT in bone scanning “Nuclear Medicine functional imaging is now directly combined with CT anatomical scanning to create SPECT-CT. It is the first technology to combine the power of SPECT with the precision of diagnostic multi-slice-CT. It makes it possible to pinpoint the exact location, […]


The Clinical Impact of SPECT scanning in Nuclear Medicine Practice. Iain  Duncan & Barry  Flynn, Canberra , ACT, Australia, 2009. Objective:To prospectively evaluate the clinical value of single photon emission tomography-CT nuclear scanning (SPECT-CT) in private nuclear medicine practice. Methods: All (consecutive) patients attending a single practice between August and November 2009 were included. The […]