Dr Iain Duncan

Sports and Exercise-Related Tendinopathies

A Review of Selected Topical Issues by Participants of the Second International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium (ISTS) Vancouver 2012 Alex Scott, Sean Docking, Bill Vicenzino, Håkan Alfredson, Johannes Zwerver, Kirsten Lundgreen, Oliver Finlay, Noel Pollock, Jill L Cook, Angela Fearon, Craig R Purdam, Alison Hoens, Jonathan D Rees, Thomas J Goetz, Patrik Danielson Br J Sports […]

Evidence for a Hip Aetiology in Patellofemoral Pain

From Prospective Evidence for a Hip Etiology in Patellofemoral Pain. Brian Noehren, Joseph Hamill, Irene Davis: Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2013;45(6):1120-1124. Abstract Purpose: Patellofemoral pain (PFP) is the leading cause of knee pain in runners. Proximal and distal running mechanics have been linked to the development of PFP. However, the lack of prospective studies limits establishing a causal relationship of […]