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Liver Ultrasound

March 2017 Liver ultrasound is something we do every day so we should be good at it, right? So long since the last update. I didn’t believe anyone read these so my good intentions lapsed long ago. I hear that a few of you peruse this material, so here is some more. More on livers…. […]

A few observations on thyroid ultrasound

June 2015 It is hard not to right an essay when it comes to thyroid scanning. Thyroids can bedevil us all and no rule is absolute when it comes to thyroid nodules. For a more in depth discussion about which nodules need biopsy see here. Nevertheless here are a few common pitfalls. Not everything abnormal […]

A Sonographer’s Guide to Forefoot Imaging

Metatarsalgia and foot pain is a frequent clinical problem and forefoot imaging is undertaken frequently to assist in enabling a more specific diagnosis.  Referrals for ultrasound of the forefoot almost always are for the investigation of metatarsalgia and less often for clinical swelling. Most often the referral is looking for the presence of a Morton’s […]