Dr Iain Duncan

What is xSPECT bone?

A mobile friendly slideshow of this post can be found here. I have noted elsewhere about the dramatic transformation between “the old” and “the new” nuclear medicine that has taken place over the last decade (see my post Nuclear Medicine = New Clear Medicine). The fusion between nuclear medicine and CT was given the description SPECT-CT  -the SPECT […]

Ultrasound Elastography

Basic principles Recent advances in ultrasound technology have led over several years to the development of elastography. This is the ultrasound equivalent of clinical palpation. There are different types of shear elastic properties which can be assessed by ultrasound. Several types have developed using different deformation forces and different ways of measuring the force. A […]

Preventative interventions for tendinopathy

A recent review by Janne A. Peters and colleagues in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport looked at the available evidence for tendon injury prevention. They conducted a systematic literature review to identify articles that assessed prevention systematically. They found ten articles with a wide variety of preventive interventions, which they divided into categories: stretch and exercise […]