Dr Iain Duncan

Association of Vitamin D With Stress Fractures: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Jason R. Miller, Karl W, Dunn, Louis J. Ciliberti Jr., Rikhil D. Patel, Brock A. Swanson. Published in The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery 2016, Feb (55): 117-120. Vitamin D is an essential, fat-soluble nutrient that is a key modulator of bone health. Despite the gaining popularity throughout published medical studies, no consensus has […]

PRP therapy for tendinopathies and tendon tears

Iain Duncan October 2015 PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapies have been used for over a decade for a whole number of clinical problems (see PRP wikipedia entry). PRP is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets and contains (and releases through degranulation) several different growth factors and other cytokines that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue. […]

Best Practice Guide to Conservative Management of Patellofemoral Pain

The ‘Best Practice Guide to Conservative Management of Patellofemoral Pain’: incorporating level 1 evidence with expert clinical reasoning Christian John Barton, Simon Lack, Steph Hemmings, Saad Tufail, and Dylan Morrissey. Br J Sports Med 2015;49:923-934. Patellofemoral pain is a chronic and prevalent condition that  has complex aetiology and multiple treatment options.T his is a well thought out review […]

Isometric exercise induces analgesia and reduces inhibition in patellar tendinopathy

Ebonie Rio, Dawson Kidgell, Craig Purdam, Jamie Gaida1, G Lorimer Moseley, Alan J Pearce, Jill Cook. see original abstract BJSports Med online. This single-blinded, randomised cross-over study compared immediate and 45 min effects following a bout of isometric and isotonic muscle contractions. Outcome measures were PT pain during the single-leg decline squat (SLDS, 0–10), quadriceps strength on […]

Preventative interventions for tendinopathy

A recent review by Janne A. Peters and colleagues in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport looked at the available evidence for tendon injury prevention. They conducted a systematic literature review to identify articles that assessed prevention systematically. They found ten articles with a wide variety of preventive interventions, which they divided into categories: stretch and exercise […]


STRESS FRACTURE GRADING GRADE XRAY SPECT-CT BONE SCAN MRI 1 normal mild /diffuse increase in tracer uptake. CT normal Increased periosteal T2 signal. Normal marrow signal. 2 normal moderately intense tracer uptake, mild sclerosis or thickening, but no fracture line plus changes on STIR and T2 sequences 3 Visible line intense (linear) focal tracer uptake with definite […]