Connectivity with Iain Duncan

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  1. The recommended quick reference ranges for diagnostic ultrasound -Iain’s latest edition.
  2. Sonography in the Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  3. Injection of a trochanteric bursa under U/S guidance


  1. Imaging of the foot: A presentation to the Australian Sonographers Association  National Conference Canberra May 2012.
    This briefly covers the forefoot conditions best evaluated/diagnosed with either nuclear medicine or ultrasound.
  2. Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound of Liver Lesions
    This is a 2 slide summary of the behavior of liver lesions to microbubble contrast.
  3. Imaging Musculoskeletal Pain
    A multi-modality talk on solving the musculoskeletal pain diagnostic dilemma.
  4. The Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Pyrimid
    The grand prezi but this one focuses on foot and ankle