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Hyperparathyroidism detection in 2015

Hyperparathyroidism is most commonly due to adenomas or carcinomas. These can frequently be detected with dual phase Sestamibi scans. The sensitivity for detection is poor with planar and SPECT imaging (60-80%) but with the advent of SPECT-CT much higher sensitivities have been achieved (>85%). Multi-glandular disease is uncommon but paradoxically more difficult to detect with all modalities. Now with […]

Recent News and Diagnostic Imaging Updates

from Dr. Iain Duncan…  October 2020 Continuing on with the data theme of September (see below), I am overwhelmed by the amount of data that I collect in the course of my work. I have always been a keen data collector designing my first medical database in the 1980’s and writing my own practice software […]

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Glossaries including common reporting terms and current classifications used can be found here: Nuclear Medicine or Ultrasound. Below is a  list of useful links on this website. LINK CLINICAL ULTRASOUND NUCLEAR IMAGES Aortic aneurysm screening YES YES – – Back pain and bone scans YES YES YES Basic description of tendinopathy YES YES – YES Bone scans and the use […]

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SPECT-CT SPINE GALLERY   PARATHYROID GALLERY IMAGES FROM THIS WEBSITE Click on any image to enlarge      Transverse section perfusion lung scan with SPECTCT      Coronal  section perfusion lung scan with SPECTCT           Sagittal  section perfusion lung scan with SPECTCT       On all the lung perfusion images there […]