Connectivity with Iain Duncan

This website hopes to provide you with some useful information about Dr Duncan and about the medical areas he works in. Please explore the site or click on one of the links below. 


Help for those who have already had a scan:

  1. For a complete list of musculoskeletal information booklets.
  2. For information about thyroid problems  visit The Website of the American Thyroid Association (


Help for those coming for a scan:shutterstock_185538134

  1. If you are a prospective patient please check out  What he does.
  2. What is nuclear medicine? 
  3. General information for patients having a nuclear medicine scan and a mobile version.
  4. What is diagnostic ultrasound?
  5. What is musculoskeletal ultrasound?
  6. Questions about ultrasound guided  guided steroid injections.
  7. If you are seeing Dr Duncan for a musculoskeletal ultrasound then click here.
  8. If you have been referred for an ultrasound guided injection click here.
  9. If you are having a cardiac scan click here.
  10. If you are having a nuclear medicine scan then we also recommend a visit to Inside Radiology.
  11. A wonderful resource for patients who want to know more about medical tests and processes see  Choosing Wisely

For more please also see these frequently asked questions

If you have a question please email