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Iain hopes to provide you with a cutting edge, experienced and personalised approach to medical imaging.

Iain thrives on practicing within an increasingly complex diagnostic imaging framework  by supervising and reporting ultrasound and nuclear medicine and working closely with a team of radiologists, sonographers, nuclear technologists, and administrative staff to bring you a quality comprehensive and clinically orientated diagnostic service. Iain also has great clinical experience in musculoskeletal medicine and can help you manage your patients.

Iain has developed relationships with several multidisciplinary radiology practices and promotes a team approach that  ensures the delivery of coordinated, user friendly, and high quality services in his speciality areas. As a physician he takes a patient-centric approach to diagnosis and can help make the imaging more clinically targeted.


Iain’s experience in the modalities of ultrasound and nuclear medicine ensures you will get the most out of the test you order. In particular musculoskeletal imaging often requires tailoring to individual patients and you can add value for your patient by considering one or more of the following (in increasing order for more difficult cases):

  1. Asking your patients to request a study when Iain is at the practice (this can also be done simply by writing this on a standard request form)
  2. Telephoning Iain to discuss the case or get more information about the best scan to request.
  3. Referring the patient for a clinical assessment /consultation prior to or at the time of the scan/study (this requires an additional consultation request).

This website has several resource that may be of interest to you. Click any of the following links:

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