Connectivity with Iain Duncan

Imaging Life is a magazine that promotes Molecular Imaging innovation amongst the huge worldwide user of  Siemens nuclear equipment. In a special edition published in October 2012 the best SPECT-CT cases of 2012 are published. The cover image and one of the published cases originates from South East Nuclear Medicine in the Bega Valley Radiology Practice. Iain would like to thank both Luke McPherson (nuclear technologist Bega) and Dean van Gramberg (Siemens) for their work in producing the great images and providing ongoing support throughout 2012.

You can download the entire publication (3.7Mb)  and see 14 of the world’s best examples of the use of SPECT-CT technology  here or ask us to email you a copy by sending an email to with “Imaging Life”  as the subject.

3D surface rendered gallium SPECT-CT